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A large vacuum pumps assortment – more than 100 tons of pumps - is available at our warehouse in Germany for immediate delivery in Europe.
This stock includes new pumps, a consignment stock, repaired pumps – offered as 2nd hand or swap pumps.


M A R .   2 0 1 6   :   C E 1 - 4 0 5   R E P L A C E M E N T   P U M P 

Qty 1 – CUTES CE1-405 vacuum pump (swap pump)

Bare-shaft pump, liquid ring type, flat sided design

cast iron construction, weight: 3.300 Kg

suction capacity range, each pump : 100 - 160 m3/mn

shaft sealed with packings (internal sealant supply)
Top inlet and top discharge configuration, Fitted with automatic drain valves


F E B .   2 0 1 6   :   R E C O N D I T I O N E D   C U T E S   C V P - 5 0 M 

Qty 2 – CUTES CVP-50M reconditioned (*) vacuum pumps

Bare-shaft pumps, liquid ring type, conical design

cast iron construction, shaft sealed with packings, weight, ea: 3.800 Kg

suction capacity range, each pump : 90 – 130 m3/mn

(*) = The two pumps have been repaired / rebuilt and tested in our factory in June 2015.
Rotor (impeller and shaft) and cones are new,
the body is coated, the heads are cladded with AISI 304.

NSK bearings for Nash-Elmo 2BE3-720

J A N .   2 0 1 6   :   B E A R I N G S   F O R   N A S H   2 B E 3 - 7 2 0 

Set of 4 bearings for the repair of two Nash-Elmo 2BE3-720 vacuum pumps

NSK designation: HTFM244249ag3SAUR4 / HTF M244210Dg + LCA290

The bearings are new (in original NSK packaging). Our customer finally decided not to repair these 2 pumps.

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