features of cutes vacuum pump

C O N I C A L   P O R T S 

Large conical ports for higher efficiency, improved water handing capacity and extremely low maintenance.

R O T O R 

High efficiency rotor with 20 blades design.

B O D Y 

Mid plate to allow operation of both suction sides at different vacuum levels is standard on cast iron.

R E M O V A B L E   B E A R I N G   B R A C K E T 

Patented removable bracket design on CNN series to allow easy maintenance.

S H A F T   S E A L S 

Available with packings or mechanical seals.

P A C K I N G   G L A N D 

Easier maintenance with our standard Stainless steel packing glands:
The Gland followers and fasteners are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion damage and breakage.

D I S C H A R G E   ( O U T L E T )   F L A N G E S 

On both sides of the pumps as a standard feature (from CNN-2000).

I N S P E C T I O N   P O R T S 

Large inspection plate on CVP for easy access to pump internals.