pump materials

M A T E R I A L   C O D E 

Different materials of construction are available, from FCD (cast iron / nodular iron) up to SS6 (full casted 316L stainless steel) or duplex stainless steel,

but also many combinations with cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic coating, stainless steel cladding.

The material designation (for example SCS13) are based on JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). A material equivalency chart is available in the following.

Cones cast iron FC-200 FC-200 SCS13 SCS13 SCS14 SCS14 CF-3M
Rotor nodular iron (s.g.i.) FCD-400 SCS13 SCS13 SCS13 SCS14 SCS14 CF-3M
Head FC-200 FC-200 FC-200 SCS13 FC-200 SCS14 CF-3M
Body FC-200 FC-200 FC-200 SCS13 FC-200 SCS14 CF-3M
cladding plates - - AISI304 - AISI316 - -
Shaft carbon steel S-45C S-45C SUS410 SUS410 SS316 SS316 SS316L sleeves

The bearing bracket are made of cast iron.
The bearing cups are made of ductile iron.

M A T E R I A L   E Q U I V A L E N C Y   C H A R T 

  JIS (Japan) DIN (Germany) ASTM (USA)
Cast Iron FC 200 GGL 200 ASTM A-48-308
Nodular Iron (s.g.i.) FCD 400 GGG-40 ASTM 80-40
Carbon Steel S45C C45 AISI 1045
Stainless Steel SCS13 1.4308 (G-X6CrNiMo 18 9) CF - 8 (casted material, closed to AISI 304)
Stainless Steel SCS14 1.4408 ( G-X6CrNiMo18 10 ) CF - 8M, (casted material, closed to AISI 316)
Stainless Steel SUS-410 1.4006 ( X10Cr13 ) ASTM 410