second hand vacuum pumps

We offer a full range of second hand and remanufactured vacuum pumps, including Cutes vacuum pumps but also other Makes.
We have specialized in servicing larger liquid ring vacuum pumps,
we offer a wide range of maintenance services
and also refurbished pumps and swap pumps.

Wir kaufen Ihre alten Vakuumpumpen ! 

S W A P   P U M P S 

A "swap" is an agreement in two steps:

1. step : We supply a swap-pump (a rebuilt pump or a new Cutes pump).

2. step: Once you have installed it, we simply pick-up your old pump.

Reduce machine downtime, increase flexibility: you are not waiting for your repaired pump to be back but the swap pump is waiting for the right point of time for a short downtime.

W E   B U Y   U S E D   V A C U U M   P U M P S 

We are always looking to buy more second hand larger liquid ring vacuum pumps, pls. call us we will make an offer.